The BIG store, Temple Bar Gallery & Studios


MA programme alumna Rayne Booth is curating a new show at TBG&S, just in time for the holidays:

Hallelujah! All your contemporary art needs under one roof!

This Christmas, Temple Bar Gallery & Studios will be temporarily transformed into The BiG Store, a department store specialising in contemporary art. With prices ranging from €5 to €5,000, this is a perfect opportunity for budding and established art collectors alike to access the best new contemporary art by a wide variety of emerging and established artists.

Like the classic Marx Brothers movie from which it takes its name, The BiG Store will be an engrossingly eccentric and anarchic vision of a modern department store. This exhibition will feature specially commissioned work from over 90 of the most interesting and challenging artists from Ireland and abroad. A commercial sales floor will be temporarily installed in Temple Bar Gallery, transforming the space into a commercial gallery/shop; a disguise which aims to confront the objectives and functions of a commercial art space, as well as inviting the viewer/shopper to embark on a provocative expedition into themes of economy, art production and distribution, power, consumerism, fetishes and excess.

Exhibition continues until 22 December 2007