alumni.jpgThe programme in Arts Management at University College Dublin is the most established of its kind in Ireland, running from 1986-2006 under the direction of Dr. Anne Kelly, from 2006-2020 under Pat Cooke, and from 2020- present under the current Director Dr. Annette Clancy. Graduates of the programme currently hold many positions in arts management throughout Ireland and internationally (click here for a sample).

We collect contact information from our alumni on an ongoing basis, to assist in establishing a network of graduates from the Higher Diploma in Arts Administration and the MA in Cultural Policy and Arts Management.

Should you wish to update the Arts Management Alumni Association with your current details and/or receive notification of upcoming activities, please email us.

Also please join our LinkedIn Alumni page! I’m frequently asked for recommendations of folks for various roles and opportunities, and this is the way I can keep track of where you all are at the moment…