Dr Emily Mark-FitzGerald
Associate Professor and Head of the School of Art History and Cultural Policy, University College Dublin
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Dr Emily Mark-FitzGerald is an art and cultural historian specialising in Irish art history, visual culture, museum/heritage studies and cultural policy, from the 19th c. – present. She is active in the Irish arts and cultural sector as a writer, policy commentator, occasional curator, and educator, across the Irish visual and performing arts and museums/heritage.

Thanks for stopping by… http://www.artsmanagement.ie is aimed at folks interested in the area of arts management in Ireland and further afield. It is linked with the School of Art History & Cultural Policy at University College Dublin (in particular the MA programme in Arts Management and Cultural Policy), and is written & maintained by a current Associate Professor and the Head of School (that’s me, Emily Mark-FitzGerald!). I’ve helped run the MA in Arts Management & Cultural Policy since 2003, and this blog is an outgrowth of that work! I’m currently on the executive board of Arts and Disability Ireland, and have represented art history on the Historical Studies Committee of the Royal Irish Academy since 2014; from 2009-18 I also served as one of the Directors of the Irish Museums Association.

For those working professionally in arts management in Ireland (especially alumni and current students from our programme), I hope the posting of event notices, links and job announcements will prove a useful resource. For postings, questions, and other random miscellany please email me or use the form below: