Wednesday round-up (27 Oct 10)

Ok, so technically it’s Thursday, but the baby’s gotta eat sometime.

Here’s what’s caught my eye this week:

  • Locally, Professor Michael Shanks from Stanford University’s visiting UCD– as the blurb goes: ‘His lab at Stanford, Metamedia, is pioneering the use of Web 2.0 technologies to facilitate collaborative multidisciplinary research networks in design history, media materialities and long-term historical trends.’ He’s giving three seminars, the last two of which on 18 November (Museum Design and the Humanities / Design and the Humanities) may be of interest to readers here? Click here to download more info.
  • As Sue Sylvester opined in last night’s Glee, ‘art’s gotta push boundaries’: see some folks doing just that at a gathering of top Irish performance artists on November 4 at Kilmainham Gaol.
  • Did you know next week is Design Week? No? Get thee to the website
  • The RHA is hosting a swanky evening fundraising do next Friday.
  • Dnote’s launched a Cultural Map of Dublin (iPhone app to follow, huzzah!)
  • Do you dream in 140 characters? Business to Arts is looking for a social media intern to join their team.
  • And finally: can Beckett Bran be far behind? Americans for the Arts cook up a new ad campaign: