Weekly round-up: 5 May 2011

Photo: Irish Times Online

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! We’ve been up to our ojos interviewing for next year’s MA in arts management class — but here’s the weekly dose of arts goodness:

I was very excited to hear that UCD’s former gaff has been selected as the venue for much of the Dublin Contemporary. Curators will be pulling a PS1 on Earlsfort Terrace and utilising the existing fabric of the building, its long history as an institutional (and indeed exhibition space) becoming a palpable presence in the installations. Of all the news that’s circled round the DC over the past few months, this is by far the most promising! Can’t wait to see what emerges…

What are you doing this evening? First Thursdays at Temple Bar has been expanding, with a great list of venues opening their doors from 6-8 pm tonight.

The Fourth Wall’ programme of events on architecture and film began today at the IFI and continues until the 16th — quite a number of interesting screenings will take place over the weekend, and a fab-sounding academic symposium tomorrow.

I missed it last week, but the Triskel Arts Centre in Cork has reopened after a period of refurbishment. Part of the project involved the establishment of a new Theatre Development Centre, of which Corcadorca is the first occupant (a nice feature in Irish Theatre Magazine has details on the company’s recent developments).

An short opinion piece in the Telegraph bemoaned the lack of homegrown senior arts managers in the wake of Martin Roth’s appointment to the helm of the V&A Museum (he’s German)… apart from having the slight whiff of xenophobia, strangely enough this is also a common complaint in the US (ie the very small pool of experienced and available museum directors). It would seem to me the problem is less a British one than an international issue, especially given the natural (and correct) international mobility of folks at this level of seniority. Furthermore it points perhaps to the very demanding number of responsibilities (and often low remuneration) now required of a museum director — perhaps it is now a less appealing position than ever it was.

There was a lovely feature on artist Michael Craig-Martin in the Guardian yesterday… I like his thinking: ‘… making art is about making particulars, and that particular something can be the generator of a generalisation.”

How to support two arts organisations at the same time? Go see Pygmalion (just opened at the Abbey to great notices) and let those royalties from GB Shaw roll in to the National Gallery… there, don’t you feel better now? 🙂

An excellent chance to hear a world expert on intellectual copyright and the Creative Commons is coming up at The Science Gallery: Professor James Boyle from Duke University will be speaking on Thursday the 12th of May, and is unmissable if you’ve an interest in arts law & anything to do with creative copyright!