Douglas Hyde Conference on Creativity – 15/16 October 2010

the man himself

Just received notice of an interesting conference taking place in Roscommon in October– the Douglas Hyde Conference 2010, entitled :Inside Creativity: Education, Innovation, Economy, Society’.

Sessions include ‘Creativity in Education’, ‘Innovation: the Application of Creativity’, ‘Economics of the Creative Sector’, and ‘Value of Creativity in Society’. From the arts & cultural contingent, the lineup includes Tania Banotti, Sarah Browne, Theo Dorgan, Martin Drury, Michael John Gorman, Joe Hallgarten, Roy Johnston, Justin Knecht, Dermot McLaughlin, Arantxa Mendiharat, Kevin STolaricj and Paul Young.

Lots of buzzwords floating around the conference programme which mirror larger social discourse on the arts and the notion of ‘applied’ creativity; let’s hope the participants are able to give shape to what is often an amorphous discussion! Check out the conference website for booking details.

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