Guerrillas in our midst

You couldn’t really make it up– in case you missed it, the story on the rogue Brian Cowen nude paintings by Conor Casby that were hung on the walls of the NGI and RHA, guerrilla style:

Of course the silliest aspect is the fact that RTE withdrew the news segment and apologised for it, a decision that’s been condemned by the opposition, ticked off Today FM (gasp!), and already dubbed ‘Portraitgate’ (Or ‘Picturegate’, as Damien Mulley had it: cue groan). However  Vincent Browne begs to disagree…

No doubt this brouhaha will continue longer than it should– but I’m amused by the idea that we now have an Irish entry into the illustrious history of guerrilla art protests. How fortuitous then that one of the best known international guerrilla art groups is making a series of rare Irish appearances at the Milennium Court Arts Centre,  University of Ulster, Glucksman Gallery, Butler Gallery and NCAD — bring on the Guerrilla Girls, to show how it’s done!


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