Upcoming conference: New Media, New Audience?

I’m excited to be taking part in an upcoming conference sponsored by the Arts Council, on the subject of how new media may be utilised by practising artists and arts organisations. With keynote speakers Andrew Keen and Charles Leadbeater offering contrasting views on the concept of web 2.0 and its cultural effects, as well as a host of other interesting sessions, this one day conference looks most promising! Registration is FREE, though limited at the moment to one individual per organisation:

New Media, New Audience? A one day working seminar on the arts, new media and broadcasting

Dublin Castle, 25 November 2008

We live in interesting times. Web technologies such as YouTube, blogging, podcasting and social media have unleashed a wealth of creative material online. The Arts Council is pleased to bring together national and international experts from the arts, social media and broadcasting in this one day working seminar to explore the ways in which artists and the public are adapting and adopting new ways of producing, presenting and promoting the arts.

This seminar is open to artists, organisations and policy makers interested in the potential that new media has for the way in which they work, and in the way it can attract and broaden audiences.

Conference website: http://artscouncilnewmediaconference.com/wordpress/

I especially like the ‘Your Space‘ element on offer– derived, I assume, from the concept of Open Space conferencing– an aspect I was very interested to have at our summer conference on arts management, but which we couldn’t accommodate in the end. I’m eager to see how this will work and what new ideas it may provoke.

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