Business to Arts launch new survey on sponsorship

In the next few days arts & cultural organisations will be receiving a link to an online survey conducted by Business to Arts, seeking information about levels of private giving. As anyone who works in Irish development knows, information on the arts sector & giving is very hard to come by, so this is an essential effort to share knowledge and improve resources for arts development!

Please complete, don’t delete, if you receive one of these surveys in your inbox!

For more information on the survey, see the announcement below:

Business to Arts announce new
Private Investment in the Arts Survey
Questionnaires going to arts organisation in the coming day

As a follow on to the successful National Arts Sponsorship Survey, Business to Arts is launching a survey that will look specifically at the levels and types of private investment in the Arts and Cultural sector in Ireland over the last 12-18 months.

The Private Investment in Arts & Culture Survey has been developed as an in-depth follow-up to the 2006 National Arts Sponsorship Survey which looked specifically at business support and at the rationale behind and impact of sponsorship. The 2006 report estimated that in the region of €15m was invested by business in sponsorship in the previous year.

This new research, conducted and analysed by Deloitte, aims to measure not only the level of private investment and support given by businesses to arts and cultural organisations in Ireland, but also to provide an overview of investment and support in the sector given by individuals, foundations, trusts & endowments.

Collecting this information will allow Business to Arts to map trends in private investment in arts and culture in Ireland from 2006/07 onwards. It will provide cultural organisations, business and Government with information to aid a greater understanding of the financial landscape of the Irish arts & cultural sector. It will also help to inform cultural investment strategies in the future, where perhaps sponsorship and philanthropic initiatives will become of increased importance.

The short online survey is being emailed to the leading arts and cultural organisations in Ireland in the second week of September, and a high response rate is important for the effectiveness of this research. The last date for receipt of responses is Friday 26 September.

The Survey is supported by representative organisations such as Theatre Forum and Philanthropy Ireland, who are calling on their members and other arts organisations to complete the survey.

Stuart McLaughlin, Chief Executive of Business to Arts said “This survey is of vital importance in establishing a full understanding of the current levels of investment in the arts by the private sector. At a time where all corners of the economy are under significant pressure, partnership between the private and public sector is critical in allowing further development of the arts in Ireland. This survey will allow Business to Arts to highlight the contribution made to the arts via sponsorship, patronage and philanthropy and provide a platform for developing new investment, lobbying for supportive policy for giving and highlighting the benefits that organisations are achieving.”
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