I’ve just been having a browse around the Belfast Galleries site, a project of Culture Northern Ireland…  intriguing, I haven’t come across it before. Lots of info on the gallery scene in Belfast, including integration of Flickr plugins, downloadable maps, etc. I think perhaps the design is too cluttered (similar to CNI’s own site), but it’s really useful to have so much information centralised somewhere.

Audiences Northern Ireland has a much better design in my opinion– clean, elegant interface, nice use of graphics:

Most Irish arts organisations still have a ways to go when it comes to utilising the web– don’t get me started on the National Institutions and the dire state of their websites– so it’s great to see some innovative examples. Long may they continue…

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  1. Steven Hadley says:

    Thanks for your kind words re: our website and apologies that this response follows nearly a year later…
    Be keen to communicate further – maybe there could be something collaborative and Ireland-wide further down the line?
    You may be interested in a new report we have just published – The Audience Audit 2008 – the Exec Summary can be downloaded from the site ( and there is also a full published version available if you are interested.
    Best wishes for now
    Steven Hadley
    CEO, Audiences NI

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