Minister Brennan seeks late nights out


Speaking at the launch of IMMA’s new programme last Thursday (as reported in the Irish Times), Minister for the Arts Séamus Brennan called on Irish museums to extend their opening hours, in order to enhance access and respond to visitor demand:

“We need to get away from the traditional and often rigid nine-to-five opening times and build in a degree of flexibility that reflects our changed lifestyles and use of leisure time.”

Certainly nothing new here to anyone who’s ever tried to navigate the bizarre opening policies of many of the national institutions, and early closing hours of many cultural resources throughout the country– something Culture Night in Dublin has tried to rectify, with an amazing public response and success. The new Science Gallery may be on to something here, with opening hours until 8.30 during its upcoming festival.

If you open, they will come, seems to be the message…

One thought on “Minister Brennan seeks late nights out

  1. petehindle says:

    The late-night opening festivals are a great success world-wide, but I wonder if they are more successful because they are a spectacle rather than a regular occurrence.

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