Public lecture: ‘Excellence and Cultural Policy’ by Dr Constance DeVereaux


‘Excellence and Cultural Policy: narratives in the making’

Dr Constance DeVereaux, Assoc. Professor, LEAP Institute for the Arts, Colorado State University

6th June 2014 1-3pm

Rm: Q006, Quinn School of Business, Belfield, University College Dublin

The use of narrative analysis in policy science gained popularity in the 1990s but has been largely rejected by mainstream policy researchers working in a positivist vein. Narrative methods have been criticized for lack of rigour, clear hypothesis testing, and difficulties of replication and falsification. Despite traditional social science’s success in providing this rigour, its methods may come up short for use in cultural policy where analysts must account for the inherent messiness of culture. Drawing on her work with co-researcher Martin Griffin in their recent book Narrative, Identity, and the Map of Cultural Policy, (Ashgate 2013) Dr. Constance DeVereaux will outline a framework for use by cultural policy researchers with practical application to particular cultural policy issues. These include cultural citizenship and identity, cultural diplomacy, and the interpretation of formal cultural policy documents.

Dr. Constance DeVereaux’s guest lecture is an advance presentation for the UCD – IADT ‘Mapping an Altered landscape’ conference on Cultural Policy and Management in Ireland

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