Guardian live chat on Internships & the Arts – 2 December

I know this is an issue of great interest to many of my readers, so I thought I’d alert you to a live chat on the subject of internships & the arts that’s taking place on the Guardian website from 12-2 pm tomorrow (2 December).

The discussion comes in the wake of the publication a few days ago by the Arts Council England of a new guide for arts organisations entitled ‘Internships in the Arts‘ — the first such ‘official’ set of guidelines issued for internships in the sector. Amongst its most radical statements is the indication that most arts organisations are obliged under UK employment law to pay their interns minimum wage.

I’ve been asked to take part as a panellist & give insight into the Irish perspective. Anyone can join the discussion however and ask questions, add your own opinions and experiences, etc. I’d love to see a strong Irish presence, given that so many of the issues are similar. Please register to join in the discussion!

3 thoughts on “Guardian live chat on Internships & the Arts – 2 December

  1. Ali says:

    Hi Emily, thanks for the heads up about this- it’s an issue that many of us that have only just graduated from art/arts undergraduate courses feel strongly about. I was wondering if you knew if the discussion would be recorded or if the conversation will be accessible after it takes place in any capacity? Regrettably I will have to miss part of it this afternoon if not…
    Kind regards,

  2. Emily MFG says:

    Hi Ali, thanks for your comment — the live chat really takes place in the form of posted comments, so all of them will be listed on the website to read at any time you like!

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